Our Story

Purposeful Pup was born from the desire to offer top quality, all-natural dog treats. We wanted to offer a healthy alternative to the unknown treats on the market. We wanted to offer our pets something that they could enjoy for a long time, with single ingredients we knew they would love. Our treats are always Non-GMO, Free Range, and Grass Fed, and are made with no additives or preservatives. Our pets matter to us, and we want to always offer them the best that we can.

Together we're positively impacting the world around us through our collective love for pets.

We believe in business with integrity and transparency. We want to let you in on the behind-the-scenes, and want you to feel empowered make informed decisions on what works best for your precious pup.

Our Promises

Single Chew

No Additives
or Preservatives




Free Range

Grass Fed

Made With Love

Your Pup is Making a Difference

Beyond providing our dogs with the best we can offer them, we’re on a mission to uplift and spread joy to the world around us in every way we can.

We’re changing the world, one wagging tail at a time. 

When you buy our treats for your precious pup, you’re contributing good to people and animals across the globe. We always donate 10% of our profits to non-profit organizations that are making a positive change. Your pup gets the best treats, and we spread the joy around the world! Now that’s a doggone good deal if we ever heard of one.